Friday, January 23, 2009

A New Hobby

My wife has been trying to get me involved in a constructive hobby. I love to take pictures of anything and everything. I also like sharing them with people. I will try to post one new picture every day. I know that will probably not happen because I forget a lot, but I will certainly try. I might have a week or a month that has a theme or maybe they'll be just random pictures. Up until a few years ago I did a lot of photography on a film camera, so if I decide to scan some of them the quality might not be the best.

I am no linguist, my grammar is not the best, and my spelling much worse. As they say, "A Picture is worth a thousand words", hence the name of my blog. I probably won't be posting more than maybe just a short line about the picture. If you want to know more leave a comment and I will try to answer any questions you might have. I will schedule the picture to be up at 9 AM, but I don't guarantee anything.

I am going to give this a try. If you like the blog or picture please say so and I will continue to post.

1 comment:

tacomom said...

Cool! Looking forward to seeing your work! I have a photo blog too though I haven't done much photography lately.